Warriors Cup 30: February 18, 2017


Yokkao and Warriors Cup together!!
WC XXX Saturday February 18th. World Class Muaythai at Queens Theatre, Corona NY.

Warriors Cup 29: November 4, 2016


Next event
Warriors Cup Muaythai Series
24 shows in NJ
4 Shows in NY
29th show will be in Philadelphia !!
Nov 4th at 2300 Arena
M U A Y T H A I ! ! !

Bangkok Post: Muay Thai Warriors Making their Marks in America

by Patrick Cusic

Just over two years ago, the first official Muay Thai championship was held in the State of New Jersey when popular British fighter Liam Harrison won a world welterweight title against American Justin Greskiewicz. The arrival of full-rules Muay Thai _ allowing the use of knees, elbows and grappling _ opened the door for professional Muay Thai along the East Coast of the US, including New York, where…

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Warriors Cup XIV: Results

Official Results

Warriors Cup 14

March 3, 2012

Rahway Recreational Center

City of Rahway, NJ USA


B-Class Welterweights(145Lbs) 3X2

Brandon Browne (Modern Martial Arts) def. Joey Suarez (Sitan Gym NY) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Featherweights(125Lbs) 3X2

Robinson Marte (Lions Roar Muaythai) def. Alexandre Paulinho (Gold Team BJJ) via TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Leg Kick) at 1:51 Round 2


B-Class Female Super Bantamweights(120Lbs) 3X2

Liz Welch (Modern Martial Arts) def. Khrystelle Mayunag (Jersey Fight Club) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Middleweights(155Lbs) 3X2

Jimmy Reid (Iron Wolverines Mt) def. Jordan Mamroud (B-52 Muaythai Gym) via Split Decision


B-Class Super Cruiserweights(190Lbs) 3X2

Marcus Chin (Modern Martial Arts) def. Davide Fuoco (Nick Catone’s MMA) via Split Decision


B-Class Super Lightweights(140Lbs) 3X2

Carl Gaeta (Five Points Academy NYC) def. Sean O’gorman (Sitkangmongkorn NJ) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Female Super Featherweights(130Lbs) 3X2

Kate Allen (Cool Hearts Muaythai Camp) def. Joanie Dimeo (Weapons 9-SCA) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Light Heavyweights(172Lbs) 3X2

Paul Azeceta (Sitkangmongkorn NJ) def. Jovan Davis (Osma-Warriors Gym VA) via KO punch at 1:41 Round 1


B-Class Middleweights(160Lbs) 3X2

Paul Huffman (Sitkangmongkorn Pittsburgh) def. Mike Martinez (Newburgh Muaythai KMT) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Female Lightweights(135Lbs) 3X2

Christina Peteraf (Cool Hearts Muaythai Camp) def. Lynette Pope (Osma-Warriors Gym VA) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Super Welterweights(150Lbs) 3X2

Jose Cruz (Five Points Academy NYC) def. Jeffrey Hsieh (Sitkangmongkorn NJ) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Midlleweights(155Lbs) 3X2

Luis Cancel (North Jersey Muaythai) def. Ahmed Sherif Mouer (Osma-Warriors Gym VA) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Light Heavyweights(170Lbs) 3X2

Victor Romero (Modern M.A-W9-SCA) def. Chris Edmond (Alex Wilkies MMA) via Unanimous Decision


B-Class Middleweights(160Lbs) 3X2

Ankur Mathew (North Jersey Muaythai) def. Brandon Cuttino (Tiger Schulmann MMA) via Unanimous Decision

Title Bouts


A-Class Middleweight Title Defense(155Lbs) 4X2

Rich Brattole (Champ-W9/Sca) def. Romain Gaston (Challenger-Boston Muaythai) via Unanimous Decision


A-Class Super Middleweight Title Defense(168Lbs) 4X2

Flavio Brito (Challenger-Boston Muaythai) ties Stephen Regman (Champ-Tiger Schulmann MMA) via Majority Draw

Warriors Cup in the News in Thailand’s Bangkok Post

Thai Combat Attracting Plenty of Attention on East Coast of America


From the Bangkok Post:

New York City and its neighbouring states have emerged as the new fighting hub for Muay Thai.

The 18th edition of the Muay Thai Warriors Cup will be held at Schuetzen Park, New Jersey on Sept 7. The main event will be an all-American super-middleweight WBC showdown between Marcus Fisher and the ever-popular Cyrus Washington. Fisher comes back to full rules Thai fighting after finishing a stint in the no-elbows Glory USA kickboxing series with a 1-1 record. Washington won his last Muay Thai fight in sensational style with a body kick knockout of JR Hines.

The co-main event will see Thai expat and Canadian citizen Thanit Wattanaya take on Rami Ibrahim, one of the USA’s rising Muay Thai stars in a WBC international challenge championship.

Read the complete article here:  Thai Combat Attracting Plenty of Attention on East Coast of America